Incorporating TraceME with your project

We made a claim on this website that the possibilities of KCS TraceME's M2M connectivity are virtually limitless. A claim like that can quickly sound like a hollow marketing slogan, but it absolutely is not.
In order to visualize all of the possibilities of the TraceME module and to give you an idea of what it can do for your project, we have summed up some example concepts below.

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If you are working or planning a project which isn't described, chances are that it can be achieved too. Do not hesitate to contact us for a further consult about integrating the possibilities of TraceME with your project.


Quick return on investment

Saving on costs is perhaps the most common reason to invest in TraceME technology. It is easy to see how quickly you can get your ROI with TraceME. This becomes apparent when you have assets to track and operations to streamline. One example is having a fleet of vehicles riding in the field. Obtaining a real-time overview of your vehicles means you can direct the drivers to take the best route, sent the nearest unit to a customer, prevent improper use, mileage reporting, reducing excess wear on vehicles, improve estimated delivery times and improve overall customer service. All this means almost instant savings and also extends the life of your fleet.
And once you have a vehicle with an installed TraceME... the other possibilities are included!

Security applications

It is the most obvious use of a TraceME module. Keep discretely track of your properties with on-site surveillance or on the go. When attached to your security system of e.g. camerass, motion/pressure sensor, microphone, thermometer, it essentially becomes a 24/7 security guard on site. And because the TraceME can be fitted with a wide range of batteries, it has a very durable life span. With the longest possible battery life it is dependable for even months without recharge. TraceME can be set to alert in the case of alarm via SMS, GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi, RFID, 3G, etc.. For security on the go, the TraceME Micro is tiny enough to be concealed in very small boxes so it works well in a retail environment too.

Tracking drones with GPS and GPRS

Flying with drones is quickly becoming a very popular hobby. Drones are equipped with all sorts of electronics, mostly cameras. To add GPS tracking functionality to this flying platform a TraceME module is the perfect companion. TraceME is very small, lightweight and has the online connection to track and trace your drone. So when there is a crash and you need to recover your drone, you can always find the drone via the TraceME.

  • Click here to open a Dutch TV news item about drones
  • Skip the time to 1:25min and see the TraceME attached to the drone.

    Personal GPS locater

    Life saverIn certain situations tracing people can be absolutely critical. Whether it is your kids, an elderly relative, high-profile VIPS or even pets. They all can be located, on demand or afterwards from the log-file, with our KCS TraceME key fob. The personal tracker features three buttons that can be configured as an SOS button which instantly sends an alarm or other notifications from the TraceME Micro to a phone or server. It is all event-driven, so you can set safety regions, detect collisions. Also it is possible to have 2 way audio conversations.
    KCS TraceME Micro is the most configurable and smallest tracing device available on the market today.

    animalm management

    Animal management

    Animals tagged with a RFID chip can be remotely monitored and managed when they are in the proximity of a machine connected with a TraceME module. The TraceME module can be equipped with an RFID reader so it is essentially a checkpoint for keeping administration of which animal has already been fed, milked, shaved, etc. Of course it is also possible to tag an animal with a TraceME module to keep track of its location and other variables.


    Bird life tracking

    A TraceME Micro is small enough to be a real-time bird tracking system (example here). The on-board connectivity allows the position of the bird to be fully traced while the animal is entering a race or flying around in it's natural habitat. The flight data can be streamed to your computer and the exact flight paths and elevation of your bird flight can be viewed on Google Earth, analyzed and shared. Some examples of this use could be for pigeon racing or wild life observation.


    Extreme Sports

    There are a number of Extreme Sports that requires you to travel across some sort of terrain. Para-gliding, Snowboarding/Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, Radio Controlled Airplanes, Running/Cross Country Running and Boating are some examples of these extremes sports. If you would like to track your path and performance during the sport, all you need to do is carry a TraceME device with you.


    Backup power generator

    When you have business critical machines running (e.g. a backup power generator) a black-out can be close to life threatening. To ensure stable operation, diesel-powered generators can be equipped with a KCS TraceME for remote management and control. Receive status updates or early warning alarms to keep smooth operation ensured.


    Manage, control and support installations in remote places

    When you have to operate installations in the most hidden or difficult-to-reach places. A TraceME unit can be installed on site to control a wench, valves, pneumatic lift, etc. The versatile setup of a TraceME unit can be customized to fit any possible application.


    Speed camera detection

    A TraceME module loaded with a database with the locations of speed cameras can act as a warning system preventing fines for speeding. This can be combined as a handy feature if a TraceME module is already installed in the car for other purposes. Also it can give a notification if other points-of-interest are near.


    Real-time update of vending machines

    Your TraceME equipped vending machine can give you a real-time update of it is inventory and sales of that day. Plan ahead if it will be meaningful to service the machine on the next service route or not. It can alarm you when a hatch is opened, when a collision is detected, the power falls out or when the temperature drops below a certain point. Other possibilities would be to update the price of the items on sale or do a remote reset of the machine if needed. What about changing the advertisement on a display? Or do a firmware update? If you can think it, the TraceME can be configured to do it.


    Rented machinery

    If you rent out machinery which needs to have a high level of reliability or service, you can place a TraceME module inside your material. So in the event of a disturbance in operations the TraceME module could instantly dispatch an error code (log file + GPS) to a service mechanic. If possible the service mechanic could fix the problem ASAP remotely or if he has to personally service the machine, he knows what tools he should bring. Also it would be possible to remotely shutdown or release a rented machine. This would be convenient when a machine is restricted to a certain location or is rented for a limited period of time. After repositioning the machine to the restricted area or making payment for a new lease, sending a SMS with a new release code would be enough to make the machine available again.


    Flexible payment solutions

    If your company is a service provider for office facilities, you can deploy the TraceME for flexible payment solutions. Imagine connecting the TraceME to a copying or coffee machine; This would allow you to put the machine at a client's office and offer them a contract on a pay-per-use basis . Instead of a monthly fee the client only pays for what he uses. In this way you can offer the client the best possible price, giving you the edge over competitors.


    TraceME is the affordable alternative to SCADA solutions

    To measure is to know. A deep understanding of your production process is essential for streamlining production, analyzing and optimizing profits. The benefits are clear, but a SCADA solution can be quite costly.
    Track and trace everything you want to know about your production process with KCS TraceME as an affordable alternative to a SCADA solution.


    Advertising displays

    Control advertising displays from your desktop or mobile phone. Rotate imagery or upload new advertisements remotely to your advertising display. Whether it is a huge billboard or small screen, the TraceME can interact with it. People passing by could connect with Blue tooth to the advertising point for further interaction or controlling something.


    Keeping track of your personal and business mileage

    In some countries you have to keep track of when you drive a company car for personal use. This is for the taxation on company cars. This tedious administrative job is instantly simplified with a TraceME installed on board. In combination with an iButton device, the TraceME keeps track of your mileage, route, date and if the trip is made for personal or business reasons all at the push of a button. And it makes the road administration easily available at the end of the month.


    Reading out car statics with OBD-II

    A OBD-II plug is fitted with a TraceME inside for an easy connection and reading out car statistics. Communicating directly and easy with the on board computer and output the data to every destination you want.


    Social Media Connectivity

    Sometimes you want to share your location with the world. Twitter and Facebook are two social media which are currently supported for outputting all of the harvested data from TraceME. Via SMS or POST data it is now possible to send messages to your audience through the status updates on the main social networks.
    One example could be when you drive a diner truck and you want to update your clientele about your current position or during lunch hours.

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