TM 179

TM-179 / R9Q1

The KCS TraceME TM-179 / R9Q1 is targeted for personal tracking and tracing applications, or a variety of non-powered movable objects.

With the TM-179 you will know where the persons carrying the module are and know their exact actual and historical status. You will be alerted if something strange happens.
The TM-179 is equipped with an advanced RF-based intelligent location based positioning system. Standard GPS and optional simultaneously GPS + Glonass satellite reception, provides excellent and accurate location positioning in rough urban environments.

The module offers excellent worldwide quad-band GSM/GPRS coverage.

The TM-179 is equipped with a micro-USB rechargeable integrated battery, full I/O-connectivity and multiple on-board sensors. Supporting vibration sensor and inductive charging. The unit contains multiple internal antennas for GPS, GPRS and RF functionality.

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  • GPS
  • Compact size and weight (71x40x9mm, 33 grams)
  • Accelerometer and temperature sensor
  • User-interface buttons and LEDs
  • Integrated short-range RF radio

Optional features

  • GPS + Glonass
  • Robust IP67 housing
  • Vibration sensor
  • Inductive charging
  • Long-range RF radio



To integrate the TM-179 into any existing application, KCS offers multiple accessories.
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