Smart agriculture


Our customer is a company providing smart solutions to the agricultural industry. The company leverage their know-how in meteorology and data analysis to provide optimalisation processes and increased efficiencies in farms.


Our customer developed a product that measures various data pieces related to farmers’ crops. They needed a way to reliably communicate this data to the cloud. This way, the farmers could use this data real-time to calculate exactly how much extra water was needed to perfectly irrigate their crops. Additionally, they could monitor the health of their crops and farms.


KCS was approached to implement LoRa technology into their existing product that would communicate, via the Dutch LoRa network, measured data to the back-end. The company has 3 modules with varying levels of functionality. Depending on end-user need, customers can opt for basic, medium or advanced functionality. Customers can choose to measure one or all of the following: soil moisture, quantity of rain, temperature and air humidity. This means our unit had to be able to connect to multiple industry standard sensors and communicate all their data with an ultra-low battery consumption.


The precise calculations provided by the TraceME module (TM-901 / N1C2) allow the farmer to know exactly how much extra water is needed and when. This results in huge amounts of time, water, fuel and other cost savings. The advanced modules give exact insight into the microclimate of the crops, meaning the farmer can implement protection measures to eliminate the development of diseases. In a nutshell, the TraceME is a powerful communication hub that can add connectivity to just about any product, from street lights to beer fridges, and from vacuum cleaners to anti-bacterial disinfectant sprays.