Discontinued products

On this page you can find all of our discontinued TraceME products with their datasheet and replacement.

Discontinued model Datasheet Replaced by
TraceME rev8 download pdf Datasheet TraceME rev8 TM-186 / R9A10
TraceME rev9 TM-R9B2/R9A8
download pdf Datasheet TraceME rev9 TM-R9B3 / R9A10
TraceME rev9 TM-185/R9A8 download pdf Datasheet TM-185 / R9A8 TM-186 / R9A10
TraceME MICRO rev8
download pdf Datasheet TraceME MICRO rev8 TM-206 / R9D5
TM-178 / R9H4 download pdf Datasheet TM-178 / R9H4 TM-178 / R9H5
TM-178 / R9H5 download pdf Datasheet TM-178 / R9H5 TM-178 / R9H7
TM-230 / R9M1 Datasheet TM-230 / R9M1 TM-231 / R9M2
TM-179 / R9Q1 Datasheet TM-179 / R9Q1 TM-206 / R9D9
TM-201 / R9U10 Datasheet TM-201 / R9U10 TM-186 / R9A10
TM-2000 / P1A3 Datasheet TM-2000 /P1A3 TM-2005 / P2A3
TM-900 / N1C1 Datasheet TM-900/N1C1 TM-901 / N1C2
TM-206 / R9D5 Datasheet TM-206/R9D5 TM-206 / R9D9
TM-202 / R9C5 Datasheet TM-202 / R9C5 TM-2205 / P2T2
TM-202 / R9C7 Datasheet TM-202 / R9C7 TM-2205 / P2T2
TM-2205 / P2T2 Datasheet TM-2205 / P2T2 TM-2206 / P2T2A