Custom OEM solutions

At TraceME, we understand the needs of our partners and their end-users. To ensure they get the most out of our tracking solutions, we focus on modular design principles. This allows us to quickly adapt existing TraceME units to customize them for specific demands.

Here on our website, you will find an overview of what we make and what we can offer to the market. If you are an OEM reseller and would like to resell the modules under your label, this is possible. We can also help if you want to have adjustments made to the hardware for your specific market or vertical.

The modern world is becoming increasingly measurable, and we can no longer do without data. Our units are the ideal building blocks for internet of things applications, and track-and-trace of various properties and assets. We have been delivering quality solutions through proven partnerships for 35 years, and our modules have all relevant recent technological communication protocols, the latest sensors, and an extremely long battery life. Become a partner today and contact us to design your wishes.

Possible Adaptions include
  • OEM Hardware
  • Feature and Firmware Changes
  • Changing enclosures and connectors