Solutions for people and animal tracking

In order to realise this the TraceME modules consists of superb hardware and versatile software which makes them one of the most advanced, robust and extremely powerful GPS tracking system in the world. It can be adapted to virtually any custom application, offering many advantages like:

  • Crowd control/analysing
  • Assisting in locating someone who is lost or wandering
  • Making people feel more secure
  • Panic button to send an alert to a predetermined location and/or person
  • Audio implementation (e.g. Talking to a loved one, without using a cell phone)
  • Accurate actual and historical information on all aspects of the person or object behaviour
    • Exact location
    • Geozones
    • Speed limit
    • Off-route driving
    • Alert notifications
    • Exact routes travelled
  • Easy integration with existing wireless networks and mobile apps
  • Alerts and status info via SMS/email

The high quality, high accuracy products provide seamless integration into many projects, regardless of the application. Equipped with multiple integrated sensors and support of many external sensors via a variety of interfaces makes the TraceME unit the ideal solution to cover a variety of applications. Wether is it during a sporting activity, work task or personal setting

Use cases for people tracking:

Most TraceME are equipped with LoRa technology, enabling the integration into many IoT applications. Some examples are displayed on our Use cases page.

  • Cow tracking (and other agricultural uses)
  • Bird tracking
  • Personal GPS locator
  • Personal safety
  • Elderly people
  • Lone worker
  • Sport safety
  • People tracking at events (Analysing the flow of the crow, time spent at certain area's)