Construction tool tracking

Our customer is a large B2B supplier of construction equipment in Europe. They supply a wide range of infra material hardware and equipment such as construction lasers, emission-free band saws, light poles and even traffic signs.

Our client operates in an industry where deadlines are everything. When you are managing a complex project, it is vital that all pieces are in its place and can be monitored effectively. When things go missing, it can throw eschew an entire schedule, and cause significant bottlenecks in the projects flow through. Add to this the often high value of these tools, and you have a strong reason why you’d want to insert a tracker into these devices.

KCS TraceME was approached to come up with a Track & Trace solution that would be compatible with both large and small pieces of equipment. It had to be simple to attach, but hard to remove. We created a ‘construction tag’ (TM-3000/SR3) with a strong focus on user-friendliness. Able to be attached to any device in 10 seconds, this solution was perfect for this industry. With its easy implementation, ultra-low battery life, and a user-friendly app, this product was welcomed as a set-and-forget solution, one you can rely on when you most need it.

Since our customer opted for our solution, over 350 construction companies and organisations have signed up, adding up to over 25k connected devices and more than 300 stolen devices recovered. Our client now has the ability to provide an extra service to their customers by having added connectivity and traceability to their products. Hereby they eliminated a major pain point for their customers, since lost or stolen equipment can now be found easily.