TM-178 / R9H7

The KCS TraceME TM-178 / R9H7 is targeted for tracing and controlling vehicles and other forms of powered equipment.

With the TM-178 you are in full control of your vehicles, boats, heavy-machinery, etc. You will know where they are and how they are performing and be able to control them remotely to operate in the most effective and efficient way.

The TM-178 combines different technologies for traceability (e.g. GPS/Glonass, GPRS/SMS and optional 3G, LoRa®, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and iBeacon), offering easy integration with existing wireless networks and specific custom mobile App’s on smartphones and tablets.

The TM-178 is equipped with an intelligent location based positioning solution, which provides locating the vehicle quickly and accurate in scenarios where traditional GPS systems are insufficient. This advanced functionality enables stolen vehicle recovery and thereby offers insurance premiums reductions possibilities.

Successful field tests of more than 60 km line of sight with just 25mW using the LoRa technology have been achieved. Traditional national telecom costs are avoided because of the absence of GPRS/SMS.
The TM-178 is equipped with external power and battery backup connection, basic I/O-connectivity and multiple on-board sensors. The unit contains multiple integrated antennas for GPS, GPRS and RF functionality.


  • GPS
  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage
  • Basic I/O-connectivity
  • Long Range RF-coverage
  • Complies with FCC standard
  • Complies with automotive safety standards

Optional Features

  • GPS + Glonass + Galileo
  • LoRa™
  • LTE-M / NB-IoT
  • Bluetooth Smart (BLE), iBeacon™
  • Robust IP67 housing
  • External RF antennas
  • Internal battery, no need for external PSU

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