TraceME as a building block

From our point of view the TraceME module is the beating heart of any fleet management solution. It is installed or connected to your vehicles or assets where it identifies, protects and controls. Our modules can be stand-alone and attached to any object, connected to several sensors or integrated into a M2M application.

Our hardware design is based on industrial proven components, environmental sensors and latest technology of wireless communication to cover many IoT-solutions.

In order to achieve this the TraceME modules are equipped with superb hardware and versatile software which makes them one of the most advanced, robust and accurate powerful tracking system in the world. It can be adapted to virtually any custom application, offering many advantages like:

The functionality of the TraceME modules can be basic/general, or exactly tailored to application-specific demands. The system's modular design approach enables us to act quickly to specific customer requirements.

The complete hardware, firmware and mechanical design of our products is done in-house including PCB assembly. By controlling the entire process, we can act quickly to any custom request.

Summarised, our features are
  • Extensive portfolio of end devices for all areas of application
  • Ready-to-use modules, or adapted to your needs
  • Short term proof-of-concept for new projects
  • Basic functionality, or advanced low-level programmable
  • Fully customizable

TraceME modules are the ideal devices to be easily integrated into your telematic management solution. Our alliance partners can assist you and offer complete high-end multimedia solutions to manage your fleet to ensure maximum productivity and safety.