TM-901 / N1C2

The KCS TraceME TM-901 / N1C2 is not only designed for personal tracking and tracing applications, but also for tracking and tracing a variety of non-powered movable objects.

With the TM-901 you will not only know where the person carrying the module is, but you will have information about their exact actual and historical status as well. You will be alerted if something strange happens.

The TM-901 combines different technologies for traceability (e.g. GPS, LoRa, Bluetooth LE and proprietary RF). Traditional national telecom costs are avoided because of the absence of GPRS/SMS. The range of the LoRa technology is up to 60 km at just 25mW.

The module is also available as a ‘basic version’ module without GPS, resulting in a very low-cost, long-range RF-tracker (LoRa/BLE/RF). It has a battery lifespan of more than 15 years.

Multiple on-board sensors (temperature, acceleration and optional: humidity, baro-/altimeter, compass/3D magnetometer and distance sensor) as well as buzzer, LEDs, I/O-functionality, push button and solar-power option enable the integration of TraceME into a variety of custom specific (M2M) applications, IoT and smart wearable electronics.

Compared to the N1C1, this module has been upgraded with optional baro-/altimeter, compass/magnetometer and distance sensor. These features enable a sophisticated tracking and tracing solution and offers multiple OEM integration possibilities.
Also, the module is equipped with an internal antenna for LoRa transmission, while still offers an extreme long communication range.
Successful field tests of more than 60 km line of sight with just 25 mW have been achieved.


  • LoRa®, BLE
  • Compact size and weight (53x15x7.5 mm; 3 grams)
  • Temperature and acceleration sensor
  • User-interface button and LEDs
  • Integrated long-range RF-radio

Optional features

  • GPS
  • GPS + Glonass + Galileo
  • Distance sensor
  • Buzzer
  • Solar-powered
  • Barometer/altitude meter
  • Compass/magneto meter
  • Humidity sensor