TM-2000 / P1A3

The KCS TraceME TM-2000 / P1A3 is a cost-efficient, yet solid solution for tracking and tracing a variety of non-powered movable objects.

The TM-2000 is equipped with LoRa and RF-technology, offering intelligent and excellent indoor and outdoor traceability.

Being derived from the TM-901, the TM-2000 offers basic functionality and the module is optimized for mass-production.
The optional robust IP67 housing, combined with more than 15 years of standby battery lifetime enables the integration of TraceME into a variety of IoT applications.

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  • LoRa
  • BLE
  • Temperature and acceleration sensor
  • Standby battery lifetime up to 15 years

Optional features

  • Robust IP67 housing
  • LED



  • Object projection
  • Logistics
  • Remote control and diagnostics
  • Anti-theft
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