Animal tracking


Throughout the years, we have been involved in several projects to do with the tracking of animals. Examples of these are livestock animals and birds, but also endangered or protected species such as rhinos and wolves.


When it comes to tracking animals, there can be various reasons why you would want to do so. Scientists might want to track animals to observe patterns and behaviour in a certain species of animal. Farmers will want to track their herd of cows to observe their position and even recapture them in case of theft. Pigeon-fanciers have a big incentive to keep an eye on their prized pigeons throughout their long journeys.


KCS developed a host of devices that can be attached to virtually any animal. These units had to be low power and able to withstand any weather condition as well as harsh environments, scrapes, and shocks. They also have to be able to function in the most remote areas of the world. Our units are tried and tested, and we continue to support agricultural, government and scientific organisations with smart data.


By implementing TraceME, scientists can better conduct their important research and map out animal movement patterns, population demographics and interspecies interactions – all to aid the future preservation of the species. Farmers no longer have to manually inspect and monitor the ever-moving livestock. Pigeon-fanciers can now see the flight time, speed, location and a detailed route map that their pigeons took from the point of liberation to their destination.