Fleets can consist of many different types: vehicles, machines, employees and other assets. Some examples are: cars, bicycles, luggage, non-powered equipment, containers, animals and lots of other different assets.
While these category members all have different practical capabilities and approaches, businesswise they have something in common:

  • You want to know where they are and know their actual and historical status.
  • You want to be notified/alerted if something happens

In short, you want to manage these items in an effective way to ensure maximum productivity and safety.
Fleets that implement a fleet management and telematic solution stand to achieve significant improvements in productivity, cost savings, and fleet safety. The TraceME fleet management solution offers many advantages like:

  • Real-time geolocation and status of your complete fleet
    • Logistic planning
    • Service and maintenance program
  • Real-time reports across your fleet and asset functions to visualise and review performance.
    • Eco-driving/driver behaviour
    • Operating hours of your (mobile) company equipment
    • Fuel management
    • Temperature monitoring
  • Security
    • Driver identification
    • Tamper options to prevent stealing cargo and misuse of the vehicle.
    • Stolen vehicle recovery.

TraceME modules are the ideal devices to be easily integrated into your telematic management solution. Our alliance partners can assist you and offer complete solutions to manage your fleet.