Advertising displays

An technical innovative solution to stand apart from the rest

Connecting a TraceME module enables a screen to be so much more then just a screen. Adding sensors and smart software makes the audience a part of a interactive experience that will become impossible not to notice. Increasing revenues from this commercial for your customer.

Control advertising displays from your desktop or mobile phone. Upload new advertisements remotely to your advertising display. Whether it is a huge billboard or small screen, the TraceME can connect with the installation. People passing by could interact with the advertisement with build-in proximity sensors, connect with Bluetooth or using buttons. Also a temprature sensor could trigger an specific event on screen depending on the weather or imagine a moving advertisement on a truck displaying region specific images. A speed camera could trigger your audience to run fast past the advertisement and reward the fastest participant with a gift.

What it means for you
  • Ultimate flexibility, impact and control of (interactive) info screen or billboards..
  • Head turning high impact visuals with interactive elements.
  • Be updated on the status of your outdoor billboards, some could be damaged or stolen. With TraceME they can replaced within hours.
  • Keep count of the number of people who passes by
  • Change advertisements remotely enabling quick updates every minute of the day.