Upscaling usability of available machines

Normally, stationary aircraft use their kerosene-powered auxiliary engine or a (diesel) generator for electricity and air conditioning on board. These generators are used all over the airfield and can then get lost. Equipping them with an N1C2 TraceME module gets a perfect overview of what exactly is the location and status of each generator, Several things can now be read remotely such as the exact position on the safe haven (warehouse or in operation) and the diesel level, but also the temperature, duration that the machine is running and whether maintenance is required.
The TraceME has a very low power consumption which gives it a long life span only on the internal battery. Because of the LoRa connectivity, there is a connection with the network both on and off site. The TraceME module is contained in a customized housing specially developed for this purpose.

Because a generator is equipped with a TraceME module, the manager has a better overview of the machine park and can therefore optimize the supply and therefore control the costs and aircraft are ready for departure faster.
All this ensures higher quality and lower costs.