Weather station tracking

Agriculture is under pressure

The world's population is growing, farmland is shrinking, and the climate is changing. Costs are rising, while the food chain does not offer higher prices for products. Therefore, high yields must be achieved, while also being asked to grow more sustainably. A contribution to a solution to this problem can be done by equipping the meters and sensors traceme modules to process and transmit all results.

With sensors in the form of weather stations and soil stations at the user's site, we collect local weather and soil data according to international standards. On the basis of this data, smart software provides clear information, advice and alerts for accurate input into the decision-making process. The user can, for example, irrigate more accurately and use less water, combat crop diseases more accurately and use less pesticide. As a result, higher yields can be achieved more efficiently, at lower costs and with higher quality in a more sustainable way.