Fleet management

One of the most obvious application of Track-n-trace is the tracking of a fleet of vehicles.
Various types of TraceMEs can be used for this purpose. They can be supplied with or without an external power supply. 
Apart from the standard localization functionality, all kinds of applications can be linked to an installed TraceME.

For example;

  • Linking cameras with TraceME. Remotely viewing the cargo area. Think about the situation at calais.
  • Secured doors. If a loading door is opened before the location is reached, an alarm goes off.
  • thermometers for refrigerated transport or donor transport with alarm function.
Fleet management benefits
  • Real-time location of all your vehicles and cargo on board.
  • Reduction of fuel costs.
  • Safer driving behaviour of drivers.
  • Improving productivity.
  • Analyzing and optimizing through reports.
  • Connecting information about the vehicles with your (planning) software, for example refrigerated transport.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Preventing tax addition.
  • Easy time registration.
  • Register speeding or private driving with company car.